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Standout Features

Prominent and exceptional characteristics that enhance the appeal or functionality, making something particularly noteworthy or remarkable.

System Apps

Its about the operating system’s components, select ‘System apps.

Installed Apps

Installed Apps Information, Launch & update Installed apps.

Uninstalled Apps

Uninstalled apps Absent Apps not currently residing on the device.

App guide for new users

Download, install, and open the App Recovery app, granting necessary permissions.

Scan for uninstalled apps, select desired ones, and tap “Restore” to reinstall them.

Frequently Asked Question

What is "Recently Uninstalled Apps"?

“Recently Uninstalled Apps” is an app that displays a list of all system and user-installed apps on your device, shows detailed information about each app, and tracks apps that you have recently uninstalled.

How does "Recently Uninstalled Apps" track uninstalled apps?

Once you install “Recently Uninstalled Apps,” it runs a background service that monitors and records information about apps that you uninstall from that point forward. This means it can only track apps uninstalled after the installation of our app.

Why can't I see apps uninstalled before I installed this app?

The app can only track uninstallations that happen after it has been installed. It cannot retrieve information about apps that were uninstalled prior to its installation because it doesn’t have access to historical data.

What information does the app display about installed apps?

“Recently Uninstalled Apps” shows a detailed list of all installed apps, including both system and user-installed apps. For each app, it provides information such as the app name, icon, version, installation date, and permissions.

Can I reinstall uninstalled apps directly from this app?

Yes, the app keeps a record of the apps you’ve uninstalled and provides you with an easy way to reinstall them by redirecting you to the Play Store or the app’s APK file, if available.

Does the app need any special permissions to work?

To effectively monitor and track uninstalled apps, the app requires permission to access usage data and other necessary system permissions. These permissions are requested during the installation and setup process.

Will battery optimization affect the app's ability to track uninstalled apps?

Yes, if battery optimization is enabled for “Recently Uninstalled Apps,” the background service responsible for tracking uninstalled apps may be stopped by the system after some time. To ensure continuous tracking, you can disable battery optimization for this app. You can usually do this by going to your device’s Settings > Battery > Battery Optimization, then selecting “Recently Uninstalled Apps” and choosing “Don’t optimize.” This will allow the app to run in the background without interruptions.

How can I stop the app from tracking my uninstalled apps?

If you no longer want the app to track uninstalled apps, you can disable the tracking service from the app’s settings or uninstall the app entirely.

Is my data safe with "Recently Uninstalled Apps"?

We take your privacy seriously. The app only collects data necessary for tracking uninstalled apps and does not share this data with third parties. For more details, please refer to our Privacy Policy within the app.

Can I use "Recently Uninstalled Apps" on multiple devices?

Yes, you can install and use the app on multiple devices. However, the tracking data is stored locally on each device, so uninstall information will not be shared across devices.

Who can I contact for support or feedback?

If you have any questions, encounter issues, or would like to provide feedback, please contact our support team via the “Contact Us” section within the app or email us at

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